Market Segments

Custom, designed to specification, low voltage power conversion products for demanding performance applications and harsh environments.  Products include AC or DC mil-spec inputs, with single or multiple output voltages, at power levels from 10W to 10KW.  We are power supply EMI experts, and design for the required MIL-STD-461 requirements. Our custom products are used in military airborne, (fixed wing / rotary wing), shipboard (surface / sub-surface), vehicle (tracked and wheeled), and ground-based applications. Our products are commonly light weight and highly efficient, with on-board health monitoring and prognostics. Having designed hundreds of power supplies over the years gives Rantec the ability to consider product modifications as an alternative to a full development. Click here for examples.

Military-grade VME / VPX card-based, plug-in power supplies. This product line includes over 25 versions, including 28VDC, 270VDC, and 3-phase AC input designs. We offer both conduction and convection cooled products, with power levels ranging from 50W to 600W. We also have variants up to 2500W. Click here for examples.

Military grade DC/DC converter modules (28Vin and 270Vin), EMI filter modules, front-end power conditioning modules, and mounting boards / accessories. These military grade COTS modules support customers whose requirements can be met with one or more brick-type modules. Click here for examples.

With a wide range of existing products, new requirements are often met via product modification, which minimizes cost and lead-time.

OEM and aftermarket High Voltage power supplies for cockpit CRT applications. Rantec produces several HV supplies that support the CRT displays, such as Honeywell EFIS Displays, in the cockpits of thousands of business jets / corporate jets / private jets / commercial jets and helicopters. Click here for examples.

Supporting older programs that are no longer in active production, and spares / subassemblies for the AN/APQ-159 F-5 modulator, where we were the OEM supplier. Click here for details