PRODUCTION - Rantec has a clean and modern manufacturing operation. We possess all necessary facilities and equipment for procuring and handling electronic and mechanical components, assembling both through-hole and surface mount printed wiring assemblies, automated component placement, selective solder and wave-flow soldering, potting HV assemblies with proprietary compounds, and integrating complex assemblies. See the following images and descriptions of some of this equipment.

PWB COATING - To provide environment protection and to minimize the risk of tin-whiskers, Rantec PWB’s are parylene coated. When compared to other coatings / processes, the vapor deposition process for parylene is a superior method of ensuring full coverage of the coating.

TESTING – Our production test capability is quite impressive. Rantec is significantly invested in automated test equipment. Our philosophy is to generate a specific ATE Station for each product which use in-house developed programming to test, record and store data for a wide variety of performance parameters. This data can later be used for trend analysis. See the following images / descriptions of some ATE.

Rantec ATE Stations were initially developed exclusively for our internal use but due to customer demand we also sell them for use at our customer’s facilities. Customers have reported that our ATE Stations increase their capacity, increase consistency, improve their system reliability, and reduce in-house labor costs. Contact our Sales Team if you desire more information regarding custom test equipment.

PRODUCTION BURN-IN – Prior to final ATP, Rantec subjects every production power supply to a burn-in cycle to screen for infant mortality. All data is recorded and logged. See the following images / descriptions of this capability.